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Rich Mind IFHP Program 

Are you a newcomer covered under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)? We got your back!

What is IFHP?

The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) covers certain health care benefits for specific groups of people until they become eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance, such as:

  • protected people, including resettled refugees,

  • refugee claimants, and

  • certain other groups.


The IFHP doesn’t provide services directly to you. Instead, the services are provided by health professionals. A company called Medavie Blue Cross manages IFHP claims. They cover the cost of services from IFHP-registered health care providers (doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies) if you are eligible.

For more information read here

Ukrainian blond attractive couple and arab   muslim handsome couple+ new commer smiling in
A persian handsome couple in the airport having their passport checked by the Canada board
A persian handsome couple in the airport having their passport checked by the Canada board

What do we offer?

We empathize with the challenges of the immigration journey—it's far from easy. From navigating wars to enduring separation from loved ones, facing financial hurdles, and coping with personal traumas and mental health difficulties, the path can be daunting. At "Rich Mind," we recognize your needs.

Our team of Registered Psychotherapists and Counsellors is dedicated to providing personalized and professional support during this tough transition in the form of 1-1, couple and group therapy.

Languages currently offered:

  • English

  • Persian/Farsi

  • French

  • Arabic (Coming Soon!)

  • Ukrainian (Coming Soon!)

 What do we need from you?

Please be aware that as a mental health provider, we are only able to accept IFHP through a referral from your practitioner. Kindly request them to send your referral, including all required information, to or Fax number: +1 (888) 690-4704.

After this step, we'll contact you to book your appointment.

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